The Science of Art

By John Wright and Christian Montag

Why take part?

This is a very good question and in times where everyone asks online for your valuable attention, we want to explain in detail what’s in for you. 

By participating, you will be helping to build understanding of the role that visual art, specifically art photography, has played during your experiences in this covid age. We are all experiencing profound changes in our life experience, our sense of security and our perceptions of our futures. How has visual art helped or hindered you in your efforts to find understanding, purpose and self value during these extraordinary months?

On a lighter note, by participating in our arts-science-project, you’ll have the chance to compare your personality scores with the personality scores of John, Christian and the average personality scores of all other users. Personality is not good or bad per se, so therefore please see this as a fun activity. Of importance, if you are one of the first to participate in this project you can bookmark the link to your feedback site and come back at a later time point when more comparison data sets are available. 

You will not only be able to compare your personality with others, but also your general view on your aesthetic experiences (see below exemplary feedback). We will ask standardized questions on how you judge John's art (in terms of being beautiful and aesthetically pleasing), but we also provide you with the option to fill in some sentences if you like. Please note that we feedback the standardized scoring only. Moreover, please make sure if you write down your feelings towards John’s art, that you don’t mention things which could help to identify you. Please note, that we also use the comments for our analysis and later projects - please make sure that you stay anonymous.

Exemplary Feedback